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Younes, the founder of iQibla, is a young Arab, a devout Muslim. He got his master’s degree from Universite de Poitiers in France in Telecommunications and Multimedia in 2012. During this period, he was often annoyed with the wrong direction of Qibla.

He wanted to find a watch that can remind Muslims with accurate prayer times based on the current location and time zone. Although he searched diligently for it but no watch met all the requirements.

In the summer of 2019, Younes visited Dubai.When having dinner with his India friend Rajesh, former Nokia Support Manager. They discussed about this.”We can work together to create an exclusive watch for Muslims. It is different from any watch we have seen before. Let’s see how to do it.” Rajesh said.

Rajesh thought of his old friend Jack Shao in China.

Jack Shao founded a Sino Japanese joint venture Shenzhen UMEOX Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. in 2007. In the 10 years they knew, UMEOX developed many innovative products from mobile phones to watches.

3G Android smart watch

In 2013

UMEOX developed the world’s first 3G Android smart watch, and KickStarter raised more than usd1030000.

300000 pcs GSM smart watches

In 2014

300000 pcs GSM smart watches developed by UMEOX were sold, becoming the sales champion in Germany.

Chinese Bluetooth watch OmeteX

In 2015

UMEOX developed the first Chinese Bluetooth watch OmeteX to enter the Japanese market.

So Rajesh, Younes and Jack Shao made an appointment to hold a seminar in Shenzhen, China in August.

After the product functions are defined, the UMEOX team has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the research of this Qibla watch.

The process is not as smooth as expected.First, we need to solve the problem of accurate Qibla orientation positioning. iQibla watch uses high-precision compass and GPS to solve the problem of accuracy.

This is a watch made for our old friends. We should not only be the first in the world, but also be the most popular among Muslim friends. ” Jack Shao said.

Finally, please go on www.iqibla.ae for more product details and be one of the first users to own this Qibla watch.

Feel free to send us your suggestions for improvement after using it, and we will reward part of the revenue from the turnover to the participating users, so let us build one of the best Qibla watches in the world together.

Younes iQibla CEO / Founder

Master’s degree from Universite de Poitiers in France in Telecommunications and Multimedia. 5 years experience in overseas operations.

Rajesh iQibla CMO / COFOUNDER

A complete technocrat seasoned professional in design and development of smart phone and smart wearable devices . More than 15 years of techno commercial experience served top MNC NOKIA /LG and VIDEOCON at senior positions for global business development and GTM strategist

Jack Shao UMEOX Founder

Tsinghua MBA. He is an experienced business leader who has a deep understanding of the communications industry. He made great contributions to the China-made go to the world. With more than 20 years of experience in the consumer electronics and communications fields. His vision and leadership spearhead the way forward for the UMEOX team.

Tiger Zhan UMEOX Product Designer

UMEOX 10 years chief designer, won many patents and design awards for appearance inventions.

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