5 Prayer Time Reminders

With built-in Bluetooth, Zikr1 is easily connected to
the iQibla app. You can receive 5 prayer time reminders
via Zikr1 or the smartphone app.

Tasbeeh Smart Counter

The Zikrl has an integrated metal CNC button so that you can easily keep track of your daily Tasbeeh count at all times.

Click the button to count and the Zikrl vibrates
when the count reaches 33, 66, 99 or 100.

High-end zinc alloy material

Zikr1 is designed with a high-end zinc alloy
that is water and rust resistant, robust
and comfortable to wear.

OLED Display

Zikr1 has a built-in 0.49″ OLED display showing the time, number of chants and prayer times.

Large Capacity Battery, 3 Days Normal Use

Zikrl comes with a very classic portable charging case in which the ring can be placed when not in use and charged by connecting it to an adapter or computer via the USB port.

iQibla (Smart Qibla) APP

With built-in Bluetooth 5.1, Zikr1 can quickly connect to

the iQibla app, get accurate Qibla direction and synchronise

data with your smartphone and Qibla watch.

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